How to Join/Concatenate Strings with a Separator or Delimiter in Go

To join or concatenate strings with a separator or delimiter in Go, use strings.Join() method.

strings.Join() function accepts two parameters, slice of strings and delimiter and returns a combined string joined by a delimiter.

func Join(str []string, separator string)

The below example code combines two strings separated by a comma delimiter.

package main

import (

func main() {

    result := strings.Join([]string{"Hello", " world!"}, ",")

Hello, world!

To combine strings separated by a space use the below code snippet.

result := strings.Join([]string{"Hello", "world!"}, " ")

Hello world!

If we pass empty string as delimiter, the strings.Join() function combines two string without a separator.

result := strings.Join([]string{"Hello", "world!"}, "")



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