foreach loop in Go

There’s no foreach loop in Golang.

However we can replicate foreach loop behaviour using for loop in Go.

A “for” statement with a “range” clause loops through all elements of an array, slice, string or map.

For-each element it assigns iteration values to corresponding iteration variables if present and then executes the block.

package main

import (

func main() {
	stringSlice := []string{"Hello", "Golang"}
	for index, element := range stringSlice {
		fmt.Println(index, element)

And the output of above foreach loop is

0 Hello
1 Golang

But that’s not exactly the replica of foreach loop, because it contains index.

We can use underscore(_) variable or blank identifier in Golang in place of index variable.

//A foreach loop in Go
for _, element := range stringSlice {

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