Go 1.17 version released

Golang team at Google released Go 1.17 version today. i.e., 16-08-2021.

If Go is already installed and to try Go 1.17 version use below go get command.

>go get golang.org/dl/go1.17
>go1.17 download

Now we can use Go 1.17 language version by using go1.17

>go1.17 version

go version go1.17 windows/amd64

Go 1.17 version Changes

Please go through the release notes to understand the changes happened as part of Go 1.17 version.


Download Go 1.17 binary

To download Go 1.17 binary and source distributions use the below link. https://golang.org/dl/#go1.17

To compile Go language from source use a Git clone, and checkout Go 1.17

> git checkout go1.17