How to Download & install Go Language in Windows OS

To download and install Go language in Windows OS follow the below steps.

Download Go language MSI

Download Go language .MSI file from official golang website

Open the MSI and it will Open Go programming language installation setup wizard, click on Next Button

Go installation Wizard

And then it will open end user license agreement, I know most of them won’t read them click on accept and proceed with the next steps.

Go end user license agreement

In the next step it will ask for Go programming language installation folder.

Select Go language Installation Location

The default installation location of Go programming Language in Windows is “C:\Go”.

Go Language Location

If you are beginner and don’t know much above environment variables etc.. do not change the installation folder keep it as is. As our goal is to learn the go language not the setup.

Go language Installation Process

Click on Next button it will start the installation process

Go Installation Process

If everything is Ok you should see “Completed the go programming language setup wizard” popup.

Go Installation Completed.

Verify Go language Installation

After the successful installation, verify the go programming language installation.

Open the command prompt and run go version command.

> go version
go version go1.15.1 windows/amd64

If command prompt is already opened, close it and restart the command prompt.

Go Installation Verification.